Tips For People With ISTP Personalities

istp-personalityAs opposed to the nurturing personality type, ISTPs are observed to be more rational in their approach. As Isabel Briggs rightly puts it, they have an inherent interest in mechanics and related fields. As per statistics, they make up for 9% of the male population and 5% of the female population. Their interest in the technical fields opens a lot of doors for them in terms of favorable careers. However, like all the other personality types, they do have a few flaws, which may not assist them in choosing the right career path. The paragraphs below provide a list of careers related to ISTP.

An Overview

  • ISTP stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.
  • Such people are mostly introverts – don’t misunderstand, it does not mean that they do not interact, it simply means that they are more comfortable working on their own.
  • Their sensing ability makes them absorb detailed facts, while their thinking helps them reason with a logical mind.
  • They are open to challenges and are very adaptable as well.
  • Rightly dubbed as ‘the Mechanic’, ISTPs are highly technical and

Advice on Starting a Beauty Salon

Starting a beauty salon requires more than just plain dreaming! maxresdefault (3)If going solo has been your dream in the beauty business, then it is time you shape your dreams into reality and start thinking and planning for your own beauty salon. Apart from a lot of initiatives from your side, it takes strong judgment and a sound financial backing to be successful. If you want to live the dream and realize it in the beauty business, you must do your homework well in this regard. You need to consult people who have been in the business for tips and advice on starting a beauty salon. Besides, your salon will offer you the independence and will give a complete boost to your creativity, as you can have your own way out here.

One has seen a rapid growth in the beauty salon business during the last few years. This business has been booming, and although it may seem very lucrative, you must ensure you are mentally prepared for all the risks that may be involved.
Starting a

Tips for pre-approved auto loans

Pre-Approved-Auto-Loans-Rapid-Car-LoansPre-approved auto loans are a great way to shop around for your dream car, ensuring that you get the best deals available in the market. You first get them sanctioned with a certain credit limit, and then choose the car which you want to buy. These financial provisions are a great way to save time and money, and they help in easy facilitation of the car loan.


These loans works in the same way as a pre-approved housing loan. You first set up a meeting with a lender, to know about the loan amount which can be availed. He provides you with an application form and after filling it, he gives you a blank check having a certain credit limit. This allows you to conduct a study of many vehicles of your choice, which fit in your budget. The check is valid for a couple of months, and even if you do not use it, no penalties would be involved. Once you are sure about the vehicle you want to buy, you can sign the check and purchase it.

A Few Tips

  • Check

Advice on Home Loans

Teachers are definitely one of the most important part of our society. They shoulder the important responsibility of training their students to achieve great heights in their careers, thereby making them financially stable. Considering how important the role of a teacher is in society, they certainly deserve to live a good life.

Governments across the world, having taken into consideration this need, have come up with attractive home loans for teachers. It can help teachers get easy loans and purchase their dream homes. There are several forms of loans available as well, like for those who have bad credit, for example. Provided they satisfy certain rules and regulations set by the banks and financial institutions.

Home Financing for Teachers

These home loans are offered by many financial institutions and banks at an attractive rate of interest. They are aware of the fact that teachers get a steady income, and therefore, they will never fail a loan payment. Hence, they receive full finance for their homes. The process of sanctioning home loans for teachers is simple and transparent, and hence any eligible teacher can take full advantage of the schemes launched in the market. The FHA Teacher Next Door Program is a

Financial Advisor

Before we determine how a financial advisor’s resume should look like, let us first understand the job description. A financial advisor is a professional who provides investment advice and financial planning to governments, corporate organizations, and individuals. The main tasks of this professional is asset management, wealth creation, and risk management for the respective client. Financial advice includes developing and suggesting investment strategies to manage different types of investment, such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Basically, it includes all types of investments which promise a good return.

Here are the job responsibilities of this position, followed by the required resume format, and a sample resume, in that order.

Responsibilities of a Financial Planner

The duties of a financial advisor may differ depending on the nature and size of the organization. However, the basic duties and responsibilities remain the same, irrespective of the nature and size of the company.
Depending on the client’s short-term or long-term financial goals, giving appropriate advice that could prove to be rewarding for the client.
Consider the client’s financial situation, and then design strategies to meet his financial needs.
Asset management and real estate investment advice.
Provide retirement planning solutions to the client.
Financial advisors dealing

Credit Card Debt Relief

There have been several rumors, hoaxes and notoriously misleading ‘facts’, that the United States government is going to bail out the entire debt ridden population by providing direct financial support. Unlike these hoaxes, the government debt relief program is a movement of economic and financial reformation in the United States. The reforms which will help the people to get rid of their debts and also prevent such situations from occurring again is the ‘relief’ that the government aims at providing.

Within the total debt that was owed by the entire nation’s population, the debt of credit cards was found to be a major culprit. The Obama administration opened fired their guns of reform, relief and accountability on the bare and rock bottom truth that, the total credit card debt was getting out of hand and reaching obnoxious volumes.

  • For example the total revolving debt in the United States as of 2011, as shot up to $793.1 billion. Reportedly, a large chunk, that is 98%, of it was made up of credit card debt.
  • Shockingly, in the countless surveys taken, the average credit card debt ranged from $15799 to $8400, per household, during the recession.
  • The total debt of

Government Credit Card Debt Relief Program

Being neck deep in debt is nightmarish, especially if your car and home are at stake. The debt relief programs can be a rescue for you in times of such financial failure. Without spending some hefty amount of dollars, it is possible for you to get rid of your credit card debt. In this article, we will discuss possible strategies to tackle your credit card debts.

On August 2, 2011 President Obama signed The Budget Control Act of 2011, thereby preventing the United States debt-ceiling crisis, a financial chaos that was imminent on August 3, 2011, in the wake of rising government debts. The path to recovery after the 2008 year financial crisis has been slow and often marked by signs of a deepening crisis. With an average citizen debt in the US approximately equaling US$47,000, it is easy to guess that debt settlement issues are perhaps the most sought after financial knowledge these days. In a desperate need to find a solution of the mounting debts, uninformed citizens have been duped by false claims of numerous debt management companies. In this regard, it is essential to understand the suggestions given to debtors by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s

ensure debt relief

Secured debt is any loan which is secured by a collateral. A collateral is any asset which can be of value to the lender, should the debtor fail to repay. Car and mortgage loans are typical examples of secured debts. Although, secured loans often offer lower interest rates than unsecured loans, there is a risk of losing your asset if you fall behind on payments. Naturally, people who are indebted by a secured loan look out for other options, if they find it hard to arrange for the payments.

How to Get Secured Debt Relief

Debt Consolidation

Debt elimination is not possible until you repay the full loan amount. Nonetheless, there are some ways, in which you can reduce the debt amount to be paid. Consolidation is one way in which you can get a waiver on your debt. This primarily includes negotiating with the lender to allow you to pay the highest affordable repayment amount and get a waiver on the remainder. You can either seek the services of debt consolidation firms to negotiate with the lenders on your behalf, or you can conduct the negotiations yourself. It is more easy to eliminate unsecured debt with consolidation than it is

Debt Relief Grants

People borrow loans for different reasons such as education, capital for business, medical purposes, etc. Many a time, they are unable to repay the loan due to their financial position. In such cases, they can apply for the debt relief grants to the government in order to pay back their loans. Government provides these grants on the federal and the state level. It keeps billions of dollars apart for grants every year and gives it to the needy. The people who borrow loans have to keep collateral security against the money borrowed, however, in case of debt relief grants, they are not supposed to keep any security and they just have to prove that they are unable to repay the loan.

Debt Relief Grants from the Government

The grants available from the government are to save you from bankruptcy and give you a stable financial standing. One can apply for it over the Internet as well. You will have to search for the debt relief grant that meets your requirements and criteria. One should follow the procedure given below while applying for a grant.

  • Verify whether the grant meets your criteria as you need to be eligible for it.
  • You

Financial Skills

All businesses have one sole aim, i.e. to make a profit. In order to be profitable, they take a number of steps such as increase sales, utilize their resources optimally, invest in profitable ventures, look for mergers and acquisitions, etc. To make sure that the financial decisions that they have already taken or are about to take will translate into profits, organizations today depend on the services of financial analysts. These analysts thoroughly study the market trends, company’s accounting books, past profits, and all other financial data to help the company arrive at the appropriate profitable decisions. From this short job description, one can conclude that accounting and finance are the main skills required to be successful in this field.

In order to become a financial analyst, a person needs to possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance or economics. These days, many companies prefer professionals who have an MBA degree. Having a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification is definitely an edge over other candidates, while applying for this job.

Financial Analyst Skills

Besides these educational qualifications, a person who wants to be a financial analyst should possess a certain set of skills which will help him/her do the job

Career in Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is one field in which you receive money for handling monetary transactions. This career is well looked upon by aspiring finance professionals due to its remunerative ability. Individuals who are employed in the corporate finance sector specialize in helping companies in generating funds that are essential to support and expand business operations, set up acquisitions, manage cash resources, and ensure financial and economic stability in the future.

Working in this sector, you can find yourself aiding a multinational company or a local firm looking forward to break into the global platform. As long as you work in an efficient manner, these careers are relatively stable. As a corporate finance professional, you are not required to work on commission or other incentives, instead, your success counts on your capability to create financial strategies and plans which will beef up the company’s productivity in the long run.

Corporate Finance Jobs

Treasury Managers
These professionals handle the corporate treasury department, and their basic job responsibilities include raising capital, finances, funds, doing financial planning and managing cash and assets. Immaculate analytical capabilities, management and motivation skills are necessary in such an upper-level administrative post.

Financial Analysts
Financial analysts carry out obligations such as assessing

Tips Finance Or Refinance

‘Mobile home’ is the term used for prefabricated homes that were built prior to June, 1976. The houses built after this period are called ‘manufactured homes’. However, many people still continue to call them mobile homes.

These homes have quite a following in the United States for the following reasons:

  • They are easier and quicker to set up than the traditional brick and mortar houses.
  • They cost a lot less than traditional homes.
  • They come in various designs and sizes, and provide flexibility.
  • Nowadays, they have a very high standard of manufacturing.

Earlier, this wasn’t always the case, therefore, it has given these homes a somewhat bad reputation amongst both buyers and lenders. It is also a fact that these homes depreciate in value over the years. Which means, frankly, that they are not such a great prospect for refinancing. However, it is not impossible, but you will generally find that lending institutions are less eager to bankroll them, than they are for traditional houses. If you meet their stringent requirements, you can choose from two kinds of loans; first, being a loan for the home only, which is known as a ‘chattel mortgage’, and the other provides for the

Bad Credit Motorcycle Financing

A Few Things to Keep in Mind
Choose a Motorcycle Company that Provides a Good Deal
Prospective buyers usually choose a bike first, and then decide about the financing later. But selecting the right company is the most important task in all of this. Some of the lenders use unethical and strong-arm tactics to extract more payments from the buyer. There is a need to take precautions while dealing with lending companies, as they might take advantage of the bad credit record that one has.

Their loans usually come with huge interest rates, high transaction fees, and other back-end aspects such as document fees, unnecessary additional charges, and the like, which just make the overall cost of the motorcycle even higher. However, there are also many financing companies that are ready to provide proper finance for the purchase of a motorcycle, making it easy for a buyer, by offering genuine deals in a fair manner. You need to look for companies that have a wide range of financing schemes with the best interest rates. Also look out for companies that have good reviews from different customers.

Ask Questions
A person availing the loan must ask all

Finance Manager

The past couple of decades have witnessed tremendous growth in the financial field. There have been numerous career opportunities that have rocked the financial world. Given the complexity of financial jobs, the activities and tasks entailed in the job of a financial manager vary drastically.

The developments in world economy have propelled avenues of tremendous business opportunities all across the globe. However, there is no denying the fact that starting a business is not an easy task. Careful financial planning and analysis of all market vectors is essential before an individual starts a business venture.

Since business world has become extremely professional, considering all pros and cons of starting a new venture is very crucial, so that the capital invested is utilized productively. Even large corporate companies research a lot before investing money in any sector. To help people, government agencies and private firms in figuring out all merits and demerits of any business opportunity and investment related issues, finance managers are hired.

Job Description

There are a large number of specific job titles for different types of finance managers. In fact, the term, ‘finance manager’ encompasses various job titles like ‘controllers’, ‘financial bank managers’, ‘cash managers’, ‘chief financial officers’,

Finance Interview Questions

The field of finance, accounting, and banking is diverse and yet closely inter-related. Jobs in the finance sectors are one of the highest paid in the US, and their interviews range from questions about personality to the ones testing one’s financial knowledge.

It is but natural that a candidate appearing for an interview for a finance job would be well-versed with the ins and outs of the finance sector. But to make life easier, here are a host of sample questions for your reference, which would most probably be asked during the various rounds of interviews.

General Interview Questions

Can you tell us more about yourself?
Well, we all know that this is the most basic question that is asked in any interview. However, an excellent response to this question is like winning half the battle. This question can convey to the interviewers your confidence and passion for the work. In regards to the answer, you can mention about your strengths and positive aspects of your personality. You can also talk about your hobbies and areas of special interest.

Could you tell us about your educational qualifications?
This question can be answered by summarizing your interest areas since your school days. You

Finance Budgeting

Your money is the lifeline of your home. The standard of living that you have is because you can afford it. Your money basically, is the heartbeat of your lifestyle. To continue living the same lifestyle and to reach higher standards, personal finance budgeting is very essential. Spending is inevitable, if you have money. However, money, or your resource is always limited and your needs are unlimited. Reconciling the two by prioritizing your demands will help in managing your personal finance budget. This practice of budgeting will help you save your money on inconsequential items and teach you the importance of prioritizing.

Need for Financial Budgeting
The need for budgeting arises because of the fact that you are responsible towards yourself. Responsibility towards oneself means, a constant struggle for the better. Thus, the need for personal financial planning is to fulfill the self-actualization need for improvement.

Monthly Financial Budgeting
Make a chart of income and expenditure, which you make all through the month. Based on this you will be able to make successive budgets. Here’s a chart that you can follow.

  • Net Income
  • Expenses At Home
  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Home Repairs
  • Home Improvements
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Natural Gas and Oil
  • Fuel
  • Telephone
  • Groceries
  • Child Support
  • Health and Fitness
  • Other Loans
  • Entertainment
  • Contingency Fund
  • Balancing Figure (Difference of income

The Financial cultivate Process

It is essential that all of us have some goals in life. Short-term goals include a good job, great career, and small investments. Long-term goals include buying a house, children’s education, retirement policies, etc. Financial planning is one of the most crucial decision of one’s life. If you start planning early, you can get out of a financial mess that can arise later in life. It is very common to spend more than what you earn. Of course, there are facilities, like credit cards, buy now pay later schemes, installments, etc., which compel one to overlook their finances. At the end of the month, when bills keep pouring in your mail boxes, you find yourself in a sticky situation. And this mounting bill payment adds a semi-colon to your long-term dream of owning your own house. Sometimes, medical emergencies also forces you to dig into your children’s education fund. Marriage plans for your only daughter? You borrow some money from your retirement fund. There goes the trip to Egypt, you have planned all those years!

The answer to all the above mortifying financial situations is ‘Financial Planning’. The planning process helps give a direction to your financial decisions. It

how to manage money

A broad definition of personal financial planning can be stated as, “a process of determining an individual’s financial goals, purpose in life, and life’s priorities, and after considering his resources, risk profile and current lifestyle, to detail a balanced and realistic plan to meet those goals.”

Financial Planning

It is a process which presents before an individual, organization, or even a country, the current financial position and the adjustments in the spending pattern, in order to meet the goals.

Importance of Financial Planning

It is important to plan finances in order to reap long term benefits through the assets in hand. The investments that one makes are structured properly, and managed by professionals through financial planning. Every decision regarding our finances can be monitored if a proper plan is devised in advance. The following points explain why financial planning is important.

  • Cash Flow: Financial planning helps in increasing cash flow as well as monitoring the spending pattern. The cash flow is increased by undertaking measures such as tax planning, prudent spending, and careful budgeting.
  • Capital: A strong capital base can be built with the help of efficient financial planning. Thus, one can think about investments, and thereby improve his financial

financial sense for life

Finance plays a very important role in the day-to-day lives of each individual or corporation. It is a very wide term and it can be said to be the study of the science of managing funds. Usually finance includes the areas of public, personal and business finance. It includes things related to lending, spending and saving money. An important aspect of finance is that individuals and corporations deposit money in a financial institution, especially banks, who in turn lend out money and charge an interest for their services.

Pivotal Roles of Finance

Corporate Finance
Corporate finance deals with financial decisions which an organization makes, whether it’s investments, analysis of credit, selling of assets or products or acquiring assets. Maximizing corporate value and at the same time managing risks associated with investing in a particular product or project is the main aim of corporate finance. Moreover, corporate finance also studies the short-term and long-term implications of a decision and looks into matters related with dividends to shareholders’ debt or equity. Matters related to taxes which a corporation has to pay are also taken into consideration when dealing with corporate finance.

Finance for a business can’t be undervalued and it can be

Private Education Loan Consolidation

Education is a very costly affair today. Especially, if you are opting for professional courses in engineering and management, the cost of education makes it inevitable that you borrow a student loan. Sometimes, the fees for courses cannot be covered in a single educational loan and multiple loans have to be opted for. The repayment period for educational loans are generally quite long.

However, invariably, managing multiple loans is tougher than a single education loan. This is obviously because the interest rates vary and the payment terms of each loan are different. Paying multiple monthly installments puts a lot of pressure on your finances. It also makes your budget planning complicated, as each individual loan has a different repayment plan and therefore their monthly installment due dates are different. Moreover, most private educational loans have a fluctuating interest rate! Therefore over the period of repayment, you may end up paying substantially more interest and even more if you are repaying multiple loans.

Some people may suggest clearing your debt using a credit card with a high credit limit. This would be a bad idea! Do not fall for the credit card trap. The interest rates offered by credit cards are